TIL the classic Kong dog toy was created after an auto-repair shop owner’s dog kept chewing a VW Bus suspension part

Read more: https://newsroom.vw.com/vehicles/how-a-volkswagen-bus-component-inspired-the-kong-dog-toy-empire/

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of Kong type toys out there (lots of ripoffs) – most important thing about them is that they have holes **on both sides of the toy.** This is extremely important because without the 2nd hole, your dog’s tongue can create a vacuum when it puts its tongue inside and it will be unable to get it out. Years ago, a friend of mine came home from work to find one such toy stuck fast on his dog’s tongue, the dog in distress. In the end he had to have part of his tongue amputated to get it off, it was horrible. If you see a Kong-like dog toy with only one hole in it, throw it away. If it’s on sale in a pet store, inform the owner of the danger and ask if they’ll take it off the shelf.

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