TIL: The cost to eliminate hunger in America costs less than the subsidies we give to the meat and dairy industries (38 vs 25 billion).

Read more: https://jia.sipa.columbia.edu/removing-meat-subsidy-our-cognitive-dissonance-around-animal-agriculture

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  1. The amount of money spent on food stamps last year was $79.22 billion. It didn’t eliminate hunger. That’s more thab double what this article suggests.

    Great talking point, but in reality it doesn’t work. Because it would be a one time fix. If not, how do you decide who qualifies for free food and who doesn’t? If food stamps aren’t enough to end hunger, how would this be any different?

    Also, when I’m hungry meat makes me full. Vegetables don’t.

  2. Pretty sure meat and dairy subsidies help keep the costs of meat and dairy low and affordable to more people. Thus…preventing more hungry people. If it was so easy….just add $25 billion more in to the food stamp program. Problem solved, right? Of course not. Delete this TIL

  3. So, if the government gives money to poor people they will spend it on food (among other things), benefiting the Meat/Dairy industries.

    Whereas, if the government gives money to Meat/Dairy industries, the poor go hungry and the business get free $$$.

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