TIL the dark meaning of This Little Piggy. “Went to market” (the meat market), “stayed home” (not ready for market), “ate roast beef” (fattening for market), “had none” (too young for fattening)

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  1. hows it dark? I thought it was the other white meat?

    nice, but kinda falls down with the “ate roast beef”, pigs will eat anything but why would they be fed roast beef?

  2. A lot of nursery rhymes and old children’s stories have very dark meanings behind them. Ring around the rosy, Hansel and Gretl, Jack and Jill… lots of stories of death and dismemberment.

  3. No. The original meaning behind “This little piggy went to market” wasn’t dark. It is a modern interpretation.

    [The Little Piggy](https://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=129) the 5th picture is from an 1875 book. The piggy going to market is driving a carriage. The piggy eating meat has a kid piggy watching his mom carve a roast. The 6th picture is from an 1879 book. The little piggy going to market has a basket in his mouth to hold the good it buys from the market. The piggy eating meat is wearing a bib and holding utensils. The 1st illustration listed is the same as those 2, but has no credits attached.

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