TIL the evidence against Casey Anthony included strands of her child’s hair and smell of human decomposition in the trunk, computer searches for chloroform and ‘neck breaking’ and her blanket at the crime scene. She was acquitted of killing her daughter

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Caylee_Anthony#Evidence

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  1. It makes for depressing reading. She even turned on her own dad and falsely claimed he abused her as a child. She’s scum and will get what’s coming to her eventually.

  2. She claimed her child accidentally drowned in the pool and they panic and buried her, hence the trunk. To the reasonable person it may seem she killed her daughter, but to prove it beyond all reasonable doubt, that was the issue

  3. The story is way worse than that. She was sleeping with her lawyer, her mother changed her story near the end, the lawyer said her father molester her then never mentioned it again. The child was missing for weeks. There was overwhelming direct evidence and circumstantial evidence but it’s Florida. Ohh also she lied to cops every step of the way and still got a slap on the wrist. Good thing she only killed a child and wasn’t, say, wearing a hoodie while eating skittles.

  4. This was one of the worst covered cases in modern history. The media painted her as guilty from day 1, priming everyone to accept a lot of circumstantial evidence as proof. Even you’re doing it here, by laying out evidence without context of backstory. As an example, the prosecution argued that she searched for chloroform dozens of times, but later found out that the software they were using was bugged, and chloroform was only googled 1 time. Of course, that truth didn’t matter since everyone already had an opinion.

    The jury, who was less influenced by the media, and more reliant on factual testimony, couldn’t get past reasonable doubt, and so they found her not guilty. This doesn’t mean she was innocent, but it does mean that the case was much less clear cut then the armchair investigators thought it was.

  5. Just keep hope alive that one day she will run into a person having mental fit, they have nothing to lose, and they have a hate for that living puddle of diarrhea and they just finish her off.

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