TIL The founder and majority stakeholder of Starbucks was responsible for the dissolution of the Seattle Supersonics NBA franchise.

Read more: https://www.king5.com/article/sports/it-was-a-mistake-howard-schultz-apologizes-for-losing-the-sonics/281-d9dde61d-f694-4d65-b06e-517f253a90e1

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  1. He was the most well known of the group of owners. Emphasis on group. It was not his sole decision. Did it still suck? Yes. Now Key Arena is Climate Pledge Arena and instead of the Sonics, it’s the Kraken.

  2. Teams center around a community; the fans, the bars around the stadium, the locals who work for that club..taking a team as established as the Seattle Sonics and wiping them out also destroyed a community with it.

  3. Schultz wants a run for President. Selling off a community asset when your personal brand is community.

    Honestly if he couldn’t see the Sonics leaving, his ability to see the obvious might be flawed. The thing is I doubt his honesty here. He might have hoped against reason, but everyone else at the time knew what was up. It wasn’t a surprise. Incredulous might be the word here.

    Some people are one trick ponies. Starbucks is Schultz’s one trick. (an impressive trick but also one many years ago.)

  4. I mean, the super-rich own big things and do whatever the fuck they want with them, especially in the furtherance of making themselves more money. I don’t see what’s new to learn about that.

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