TIL the Great cheese riot of 1766 was a reaction to inflated cheese prices. The mayor tried to restore order but was knocked down by a cheese. The military were called & shots were fired, killing one man. He’d been guarding his cheeses

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham_cheese_riot

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  1. > The poor harvest in 1766 led to fears of impending food shortages.[3] That year’s fair, beginning on 2 October, saw a larger than usual quantity of cheese for sale, but at inflated prices.[4] There were recorded prices of 28 to 36 shillings (roughly £140–£180 in modern currency)[5] per hundredweight (112 pounds or 51 kilograms), around twice that recorded at Coventry market just a week earlier.[4][6] As a result of the shortages, people across the country were anxious to keep foodstuffs in their local area; there were instances of merchants being overpowered and forced to sell their goods at pre-shortage rates

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