TIL The history of the fork. It was invented by the ancient Greeks and introduced to to Europe in the 10th century by Theophanu Byzantine wife of Emperor Otto the 2nd. It made its way to Italy by the 11th century and had become popular amongst merchants by the 14th.

Read more: https://www.rmg.co.uk/stories/blog/history-fork

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  1. the article does not say that the fork was invented by the ancient Greeks…

    “Apparently a lot of people assume the fork was introduced to the west during the middle ages (although personally I’ve never really thought about it), it was in fact invented a lot earlier than this, there is plenty of evidence of forks being used by the ancient Greeks and they are even mentioned in the Bible”

    according to wikipedia: “Bone forks have been found in archaeological sites of the Bronze Age Qijia culture (2400–1900 BC)”

    which is more than twice as old as ancient Greece period (700-480 BCE)

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