TIL the life of a wild rabbit is nasty, brutish, and short. Due to predators, disease, and food shortages, they rarely live past 1-2 years. Well-cared-for pet rabbits live 8-12 years.

Read more: https://bunnylady.com/rabbit-lifespan/

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  1. They also have a heartbreakingly high death rate in domestic settings as well. At least when they are given as a gift. Last time I had the heart to check, something like 96% of all baby rabbits gifted on Easter die within the first year due to poor diet, harmful living conditions, and neglect. They’re super cute right up until they hit puberty and then become holy terrors unless you get them fixed. Everyone loves a baby bunny until it’s trashing its enclosure at 3am EVERY DAMN MORNING SHUT THE FUCK UP CHARLIE!!! What ends up happening is that people just put them in a small cage outside where they suffer from exposure and poor physical condition from being too confined.

    I’ve had mice, fish, cats, dogs, and now a rabbit and the latter has been easily the most demanding in terms of staying on the ball. If you take care of them, they are great. But they will punish you for every late meal or delay in cleaning their litter boxes.

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