TIL the markup of wedding dresses is 3.9, meaning a $500 white dress costs almost $2000 if bought as a wedding dress. According to the study, even a dress sold as a “bridesmaid” dress costs 1.8 times more than a similar formal gown.

Read more: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/news/a60492/wedding-dresses-are-overpriced/

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  1. Regular mark up for anything is 2.5 so not surprising at all. If you think that’s crazy you should look up manufacturing out of country and then sold across the globe.

  2. The suits we wore for my buddies wedding were pretty crazy tbh. $500 to buy it. $300 to rent I believe. I ended up just renting mine. But they tried to get a lot of my buddies to buy due to the $200 difference. I’m still going to be live like I’m dead broke even if I’m not. No need to flex for friends and family.

  3. It’s like this across the board. I have an infant. Baby food is just pureed fruit, etc. at the cost of much more than pureed fruit in a jar for adults. I also do MMA (BJJ, judo, wrestling, etc.) and if you buy “BJJ” shorts they cost a lot more than run of the mill athletic shorts or if you buy finger tape for judo specifically it cost like double normal white medical tape cost.

    THe more specialized the item the greater the cost.

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