TIL The Muppets were featured on the first season of SNL but they got a poor reception and were fired. Jim Henson then created a new set of Muppets and and The Muppet Show, which was a take-off of SNL. It was a success.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Land_of_Gorch

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  1. Those early puppets and sketches were terrible, so it was a well-deserved firing. And it pushed them in a new direction that lead to a global franchise, so this is the definition of failing successfully.

  2. I’m not sure I would say The Muppet Show was a “take-off of SNL.” It wasn’t political or edgy. In fact it was proudly corny. It wasn’t a kid’s show but it was family friendly.

    It was more like the traditional prime time TV variety shows, with Kermit as the host. That said, I’m sure at SNL Henson did observe the frantic energy around putting on a weekly show.

    But part of what made *The Muppet Show* unique is that we *saw* that behind-the-scenes energy, something normally hidden from the audience. The only other show like it in that sense is *The Larry Sanders Show*, which of course came much later.

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