TIL the National Labor Relations Act says that while firing workers for going on strike is illegal and workers are entitled to get their jobs back after a strike ends, employers are allowed to replace those workers while the strike continues.

Read more: https://www.nlrb.gov/strikes

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  1. This is new to you? Never heard of “scabs” as these temporary employees are known? NFL used scabs to keep the league going during a strike in the 80s. It was awful.

  2. That makes perfect sense. The point of a strike is to demonstrate the value of the workers. If the workers are not doing valuable work, and are not doing work that can’t be quickly taught to someone else, then they don’t have much basis on which to demand higher wages. If you could prohibit a company from hiring more people, then workers could strike for ridiculously high wages, safe in the knowledge that the company was literally prohibited from replacing them.

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