TIL The Native Americans were almost wiped out by plague before the Pilgrims showed up.

Read more: https://cvltnation.com/the-great-dying-new-englands-coastal-plague-1616-1619/

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  1. >However, further north along the Maine coast, where natives had more sustained contact with French traders, some of the earliest reports of disease outbreak were made. In 1616, Father Pierre Baird, a French Jesuit missionary, noted: “[the Abenaki] are astonished and often complain that since the French mingle and carry on trade with them they are dying fast, and the population is thinning out.”11 That same year Captain Richard Vines, an English explorer, wintered on the Maine coast and noted that the local natives “were sore afflicted with the Plague, for that the Country was in a manner left void of inhabitants.”12

    was the French!!

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