TIL the Nobel Prize winner Fritz Haber Haber-Bosch process of artificially generating ammonium nitrate was not only responsible for the entirety of the Axis powers explosive ordinance capability in WW1, but also for our present day capacity to feed a multi-billion population

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Haber

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  1. Also the creator of chemical warfare and chlorine gas bombs.

    When asked by his wife (whom he may or may not have taken credit for her scientific work) to stop creating chemical weapons he refused; she then took his service revolver and shot herself with it in protest against his war crimes.

  2. The last bit about the ability to feed is not in the Wikipedia article and is grossly exagerated. Something like the 2/3 of humanity eat food that wasn’t produced using ammonium nitrate.

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