TIL the oldest operational commercial passenger plane is in the fleet of Canadian Operator Nolinor Aviation and is circa 48 years old

Read more: https://aerocorner.com/blog/oldest-commercial-passenger-planes/

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  1. JFC. The birds for the fleet I worked with in the AF back in ’14 were ’62-’71 tails. AFAIK they are still flying the same 14 birds as when I seperated

  2. I remember flying Aeromexico in the late 80s, and our plane was a DC-8. Now I was already aware that DC-8s were old planes, but after I took my seat, I pointed out that the tray folded up in the seat back in front of me was made entirely of wood, and I was amazed and concerned at the same time. When we got the signal to fasten seat belts, I was thrilled to find that the right end of the belt was not actually attached to the seat.

  3. There are DC-3’s and Otters and Beavers hauling people all over the place. I don’t know who came up with that list, but they’re a few decades out.

    As far as freight goes (and no doubt a few folks sitting on top of it) I wish I had a dollar for all the Electra and C-46’s still earning their keep.

    Damn kids nowadays.

  4. Operational? You mean still in use? In Finland, a 1942-built DC-3 registered as OH-LCH operates special passenger flights for members of the Finnish DC Association. According to the group’s website, OH-LCH flies for around 100 hours a year.

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