TIL the opening shot of “Apocalypse Now” was made from old footage found in the trash. Director Coppola shot 1.5 million feet of film, and accidentally came across the scene. Coppola also told the editor to use The Doors’ “The End,” since he thought it would be funny to start a movie with “The End.”

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  1. Like Brando’s finale, the film’s famous opening was also a desperate improvisation. “I was hanging out with the four or five editors, just goofing off,” said Coppola. Another eyewitness (not on the Telluride panel) tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Francis was drunk, desperate, and rummaging around in garbage cans of film saying, ‘I’ve gotta find an opening scene for my movie!” Said Coppola, “The ‘trim’ barrels were filled with film you threw away. Garbage, basically, thrown-away film turned upside down and used to space out the sound on the soundtrack. I reached into a barrel of this film and at random pulled out a piece of film and put it on the Moviola. It was a lot of smoke, occasionally you’d see a helicopter skid go by, just very abstract. For the hell of it, I looked at another bin of trim and one said ‘The End,’ The Doors music. I said, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be funny if we started the movie with ‘This is the end’ at the beginning?’ So that’s a case of destiny or just chance that helped make the beginning of the movie.”

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