TIL The owner of a $169 Million condo in NYC in Billionaire’s Row has never stepped foot in the building, considers it an investment. The super slim skyscrapers that make up Billionaire’s Row sit empty most of the time as many of the owners of the units have 7 or 8 other houses they rotate living in

Read more: https://www.theb1m.com/video/why-new-yorks-billionaires-row-is-half-empty

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  1. But remember the owner class cannot pay fair wages to the working class, nor do we deserve health care, its too darn expensive!

    But these fucks can spend $169M on a house they never step foot in.

    Brothers and sisters, we have been conned.

  2. I don’t want to stop people from being wealthy. But this kind of wealth serves no purpose, and it is bad for democracy.

    It’s ugly and depressing.

    It actively harms the environment. It drives up prices for normal people.

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