TIL the pearlfish can live inside a sea cucumber’s anus when it dilates to breathe. They also eat the gonads, along with other organs. Sometimes 5 or more can be in one sea cucumber.

Read more: https://ocean.si.edu/ocean-life/fish/pearlfish-sea-cucumber

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  1. You have to think w regards to those who believe in God (or some intelligent designer), if you are correct, WTF was he thinking when he ‘programmed’ these fish to live this way? Or Candiru (parasitic catfish that swim up urethra and implant themselves in mammalian/reptilian elimination/sexual organs? Then that leads you to bacteria and virus’ and why did he/it create those? And if there was no death in the world, did he create virus’ after the fall of Adam/Eve? The bible would sure have some more veracity if this was explained way back then and only deciphered after germ theory was established. You know, some meaningful prophecy…

    I’m rambling. Either way,I know it’s not up to skeptics to disprove empirically unfalsifiable claims (like intelligent design) so I’m doing that here. It just makes me think ‘if there was a creator it/he is so far removed from what I am and how I think, I could never relate to them/him so why even care?’ I would never think of creating gonad eating, anus living fish. What a fresh hell to live in if you’re the cucumber.

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