TIL, The poingnant “Web of Life” Speech supposedly delivered (or written) by Chief Seattle in 1855, was actually an invention of screen writer Ted Perry for the 1972 environmental film *Home*

Read more: https://www.historylink.org/File/1427

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  1. Hmm I wouldn’t put it that way.

    Chief Seattle made a memorable speech in 1854 in his own language. Others translated it. An American who was present took notes and reconstructed it years later for an article in a newspaper. It got told and retold. A scholar brought it to light in the ’60s. Someone edited and embellished it for a movie. Unfortunately that version was credited directly to Chief Seattle. They printed it on a poster advertising the movie, and that version became famous. This chain of events is in the [Wikipedia article](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_Seattle%27s_speech).

    But the first published version of the speech, from memory and notes by someone who was present, is powerful, profound, and moving on its own. The page you link to has it in its entirety.

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