TIL the republic of Transkei, announced in 1978 that it will cut diplomatic ties with South Africa, which was the only nation that recognized the country.It restored ties after it realized it was dependent on South Africa.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transkei#Troubled_existence

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  1. “Matanzima (their leader) soon backed down in the face of Transkei’s dependence on South African economic aid.”

    So this was sort of like the nation state equivalent of when a teenager says they are never speaking to their parents again, then reeling it back when they realize that means no more allowance

  2. I still have some Transkei entry/exit stamps in an old passport, from some backpacking adventures spanning Lusikisiki down through Coffee Bay. Beautiful countryside.

  3. I’m listening to Mandela’s long ealk to freedom audio book, pretty interesting to learn about the politics during that generation. He mentions Transkei frequently

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