TIL the steampunk trope of air piracy did happen once in 1917. A Norwegian ship was attacked and commandeered by German pirates flying aboard a zeppelin

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_pirate#In_reality

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  1. Man! Now I need to know **much** more than that Wikipedia entry offers 😆

    … that illustration can’t be accurate, can it? Like, these guys were in an *open*-sided pod beneath the zepp?

    How low could the zepp go without risking getting shot at from the ship and exploding?

    How did the zepp guys board the ship upon capture of the ship? On ropes? That can’t be: wouldn’t that certainly be putting the zepp in easy shooting range? Wouldn’t any bullet through its skin make it explode, or at the very least, lose what holds it aloft?

    Guess I’m in for some googling 😆

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