TIL The United States has a 1.4 billion pound stockpile of cheese stored in caves in Missouri.

Read more: https://blog.farmlinkproject.org/stories-and-features/cheese-caves-and-food-surpluses-why-the-u-s-government-currently-stores-1-4-billion-lbs-of-cheese

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  1. There’s a gap between these two figures.

    Do they mean that Missouri holds a *portion* of the total cheese reserve?

    >Hundreds of feet below the ground in Missouri, there are **hundreds of thousands of pounds** of American cheese. Deep in converted limestone mines, caves kept perfectly at 36 degrees Fahrenheit store stockpiles of government-owned cheese comprising the country’s **1.4 billion pounds** of surplus cheese. How we got to this point is a long story, and it starts during a national dairy shortage in the 1970s.

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