TIL the US government shutdown of ’18-19, the longest ever, delayed software updates for the Boeing 737 MAX, which later caused 2 deadly crashes. NYC’s LGA airport initiated a groundstop, disturbing traffic all over the Northeast. Within hours, appropriations passed and the government reopened.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%932019_United_States_federal_government_shutdown#Airspace_and_aviation_workers

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  1. I think you would probably say that releasing a faulty product to start with is the actual cause.

    The shutdown would be contributory but not the explicit cause of the crash.

  2. Maybe if Honeywell and the like stopped outsourcing code writing. I was briefly employed in this field. There are 2 possibly 3 computer systems that aren’t related ie 1cpu will be x86 the other will be PowerPC. That vast majority would be written overseas and then 1 or 2 American software engineers would bug fix the code.

  3. How did the government shutdown cause a private company to not send out updates? I tried reading the article, but it only says that the shutdown caused it, and the link goes to a paywall.

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