TIL the Vatican does not oppose the theory of Big Bang and even have their own Observatory in Tucson and their own priest-scientist that seriously try to improve the knowledge on Astronomy with no interference from the Bible

Read more: https://infothen.com/two-of-the-popes-astrophysicists-discover-a-new-technique-to-study-the-big-bang/

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  1. Science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive. I have my own views on religion and religious beliefs, but science can be compatible with religion.

  2. There is certainly overlap between science and religion.

    One could argue that the way the Bible describes the first seven days is an analogy for the Big Bang and the evolution of life that followed. e.g. “Let there be light” = The Big Bang.

  3. It’s almost like religion is merely a social control mechanism that uses guilt, generally focussed sexually, instilled through the mental violence of a wrathful god that can only be appeased with absolute obedience,
    dictated by the authorised.

  4. Religion : Believe and have faith, everything written in that book is absolute, do not think otherwise.

    Science : I don’t know, let’s find out together

    Not sure if it can get clearer than this.

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