TIL the world record deepest scuba dive was performed by Ahmed Gabr, a special forces officer on the Egyptian army. Ahmed reached a depth of 1090 ft. Although he was able to reach this depth in approximately 12 minutes, it took almost 15 hours for him to surface safely.

Read more: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2014/9/ahmed-gabr-breaks-record-for-deepest-scuba-dive-at-more-than-1000-feet-60537

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  1. Damn. So he’s in the water when it’s dark??? Nope, no thanks.

    It’s bad enough to think of being free floating in the open vastness of the ocean/sea but then for it to also be dark and be floating above a black abyss???? no…. no thank you.

  2. He didn’t ” dive deeper then any other person” Saturation divers have been deeper on a relatively regular basis. The deepest dive is close to double this depth.

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