TIL there have been five great mass extinctions on earth and we may living through the sixth mass extinction

Read more: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/what-is-mass-extinction-and-are-we-facing-a-sixth-one.html

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  1. They call it a civilization’s great filter. The point at which a civilization advances so far that it actually becomes difficult or impossible to advance any farther without destroying itself. So for us this would mean all being wiped out by the very weapons we created (thermonuclear holocaust), or more likely over time due to our rape of the planet we live on to the point of natural disasters/climate change, and/or eradication of all natural resources.

    It’s part of a thought experiment attempting to explain the lack of detectable intelligent extraterrestrial life out there. It posits that a civilization so advanced as to perfect intergalactic travel would probably wipe itself out before doing any.

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