TIL there were several different types of Mammoths. The most known variety, the Wooly Mammoth, was one of the smaller kinds, and were comparable in size to modern elephants, At one time there were Mammoths living from North Africa, across all of Eurasia, and into Central America.

Read more: https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/mammal/mammoth/about_mammoths.html

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  1. In 2021 a company called [Colossal](https://colossal.com/mammoth/) was founded with the intention of extracting DNA from Wooly Mammoth remains and genetic engineering them into elephant/mammoth hybrids. Not enough mammoth DNA remains for cloning, but modern elephants and Wooly Mammoths were similar genetically. The company expects to have its first mammoth baby in 2027.

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