TIL there’s a difference between trash and garbage. Garbage is organic waste, like kitchen/bathroom paper, and trash is anything else– cardboard, dry paper, broken electronics, etc

Read more: https://www.wastesolutionsusa.com/the-difference-between-trash-and-garbage/

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  1. And if garbage becomes litter when you throw it on the ground outside, does that mean that signs that say “put litter in its place” mean to throw your trash on the ground?

  2. Boy, you got a lot of dictionaries to correct.
    You can start by getting in touch with Merriam Webster.
    Then you need to contact Dictionary.com
    After that, hit up Cambridge Dictionary and notify them of their mistake.
    Wikipedia can probably be updated by you but I think some people might revert your changes.

    But at least you don’t have to contact wastesolutionsusa.com.
    They’re the only ones who got it right! 😀

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