TIL TIL Dr.Barry J Marshall was convinced that H.pylori bacteria causes stomach ulcers,no one believed him, it was illegal to test the theory on humans , so he drank the bacteria , developed ulcers , took his antibiotics and won a nobel prize

Read more: https://badgut.org/information-centre/a-z-digestive-topics/nobel-prize-for-h-pylori-discovery/

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  1. If it wasn’t for Dr.Barry my dad will still be periodically vomiting blood.he started the treatment and in a couple of weeks no more ulcers, pretty amazing.

  2. I got H.pylori. Took antibiotics and still have an upcoming test to see if I still have it. My doctor told me you can get it in places like the fruit and vegetable section of grocery stores. Also a lot of people can have it without showing symptoms.

  3. Tums for the tummy and other antacids would frequently advertise that they were for the (temporary) relief of ulcers or excess stomach acid. Do they still do that?

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