TIL Ttongsul is a traditional medicinal wine with 9% alcohol content. It is made with 70% boiled non-glutinous rice, 30% glutinous rice and yeast, blended with the previously fermented poop of a 4-7 year old child. The smell and visual appearance of this drink are worse than its actual taste

Read more: https://disgustingfoodmuseum.com/ttongsul-poo-wine-korean-rice-wine-with-child-feces/

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  1. “You know what’d make this hooch taste better? Some kid shit! Specifically from a child, aged 4-7.” – Some guy making Ttongsul

  2. Me: Oh please don’t be Korean. Please please don’t be a Korean thing. God, please don’t let this come from Korea.

    *Clicks link*

    Ahh Fuck!

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