TIL two nuclear bombs were ejected over farms in North Carolina. Neither detonated. The military’s investigation found that six of the seven steps required to detonate the bombs had been completed. There was only one trigger which had stopped the blast.

Read more: https://nuclear-news.net/2017/05/08/1961-the-thermonuclear-bomb-that-they-dropped-in-north-carolina/

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  1. The nice thing about nuclear weapons is that they really aren’t like a conventional bomb at all; they require a coordinate detonation of an explosive “lens” around the pit, and it needs to happen like clockwork. Shooting it, blowing it up, or otherwise initiating the detonation of the conventional explosives will never lead to criticality, although it sure could spread some nasty stuff in the local area.

    Trying to set off a nuke through some means other than intentionally and fully arming it, is sort of like trying to turn on your computer by hitting the motherboard with a brick.

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