TIL Ty, the manufacturer of Beanie Babies, was one of the first businesses to use the internet to engage directly with its consumer market. This was a major contributing factor to the popularity of Beanie Babies.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ty

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  1. Watched the HBO doc the other day and they touched on this.

    The lady who pitched the idea of a website and designed it was being paid $12/hr. She asked for $120k and was told to fuck off so she quit. Keep in mind, this was after Ty was moving over a billion dollars worth of product in a year.

    Ty Warner was a fucking weirdo and out of touch by most accounts. After the first year of massive success, he offered every employee a bonus equal to their yearly salary. Nice, right?

    Next year, he gave them all a [Billionaire Bear.](https://beaniepedia.com/beanies/beanie-babies/billionaire-the-bear/) Most of the managerial and admin staff weren’t being paid dick in relation to how much the company’s value had exploded overnight, the only people who were making any real money were Ty himself and his sales people who were cutting deals with distributors.

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