TIL Virgin Atlantic kept having passengers steal their popular salt and pepper shakers. Instead of removing them from the plane, they placed the words “pinched from Virgin Atlantic” at the bottom. The shakers then became dinner table conversation pieces and free advertisement.

Read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/3041877/11-questions-for-richard-branson-in-a-place-called-the-shag-room

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  1. Excerpt:

    >Well, another extreme, we had little pepper pots, and salt pots on our planes, shaped as a windmill. When I was running Virgin Atlantic, the chief executive came in one day and said, “We’re losing thousands of these. It’s costing the airline tens of thousands of dollars a month. You’re going to have to take them off. They’re far too popular.”
    >And I thought, “If they’re far too popular, do we really want to take them off? It’s a compliment.”
    >So we just put underneath them, “pinched from Virgin Atlantic.” We then found that people were continuing to steal them, and they were ending up on their dining-room table. They hadn’t looked underneath. Their guests would look underneath. And the whole evening was spent talking about Virgin Atlantic in one of our best advertising tools ever! That was a fun one which worked really well.

    There’s a bunch for sale on eBay. [Here’s](https://yourmileagemayvary.net/2021/11/10/how-not-to-steal-the-salt-pepper-shakers-from-virgin-atlantic/) some pics.

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