TIL Waist chop or waist cutting, also known as cutting in two at the waist, was a form of execution used in ancient China. As its name implies, it involved the condemned being sliced in two at the waist by an executioner.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waist_chop

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  1. >An episode not attested in the official histories recounts that in 1734, Yu Hongtu (俞鴻圖), the Education Administrator of Henan, was sentenced to a waist chop. After being cut in two at the waist, he remained alive long enough to write the Chinese character cǎn (慘; “cruel, awful”) seven times with his own blood before dying. After hearing this, the Yongzheng Emperor abolished this form of execution.

    Yeah that is pretty cruel and awful

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