TIL Walking your dog makes the whole neighborhood safer.

Read more: https://news.osu.edu/more-dogs-in-the-neighborhood-often-means-less-crime?fbclid=IwAR22a7SD1vei_E1ZciFAOrHXDoPCKyjIMdKrdU3osXQ5bAVVfr5VyRzJkbE

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  1. We petitioned to have a dog park built in Philly. The councilman who was supporting us had a big study done from San Francisco (specifically on dog parks) and several other smaller analyses.

    Most of us just wanted to have a place where the dogs could run and not interfere with little kids. Ended up really improving whole neighborhood. You could see the increased foot traffic and the number of ne’er do well types and mentally ill quickly declined. Because owning a dog was now easier several young women got a dog and loved having a safe place to walk to.

    It took less than six months. It really was amazing to watch.

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