TIL We call it a Wife Beater because in 1947 a man beat his wife to death in a tank top, and the newspapers printed pictures of him in a tank top referring to him as the wife Beater and since then the term has stuck

Read more: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeveless_shirt#:~:text=The%20term%20wifebeater%20reportedly%20became,as%20%22the%20wife%20beater.%22

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  1. I now just call them beaters to be more pc. Woke culture taking over and making me not call a piece of clothing a wife beater. I mean what’s next they’re going to make me call shit blasting “going to the bathroom?”

    I’m like excuse me ma’am where’s your shit blaster room? And she’s like do you mean toilet? God. Pc culture ruins everything and I start yelled this at the woman.

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