TIL We could kill all mosquitoes with little to no effect Ecology: A world without mosquitoes

Read more: https://www.nature.com/articles/466432a

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  1. >Without mosquitoes, thousands of plant species would lose a group of pollinators. Adults depend on nectar for energy (only females of some species need a meal of blood to get the proteins necessary to lay eggs). Yet McAllister says that their pollination **isn’t crucial for crops on which humans depend**. “If there was a benefit to having them around, we would have found a way to exploit them,” she says. “We haven’t wanted anything from mosquitoes except for them to go away.”

    My bold. So there would be effects, just not on things we consider important.

  2. “Most mosquito-eating birds would probably switch to other insects that, post-mosquitoes, might emerge in large numbers to take their place.”

    Probably switch, might emerge. That’s the level of certainty I want to hear before removing an entire species from the web of live. What could possibly go wrong.

  3. I am pretty sure that there are other insects, spiders & frogs that do eat them.

    But no real affect to humans if the diseased bloodsuckers disappeared

  4. We’re not interested in removing all mosquitoes, just the ones that go around biting.

    There is no known reason we can’t just do this, without affecting the ecology significantly. There may well be unknown reasons it might be a bad idea.

  5. I think it is complete bullshit, and any scientist saying it is full of shit. We have e no way to know the consequence of removing that much insect mass from the world.

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