TIL when Brits say they are getting “a curry”, it just refers to any dish originally from India (or surrounding countries), and is not necessarily food spiced with curry.

Read more: https://www.thespruceeats.com/british-love-of-curry-and-curry-recipes-435481

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  1. Well, usually there will be some degree of curry spiceage. I mean, it will be from an Indian-ish restaurant with an extensive but fairly predictable list of standard dishes, most of which will be curried to a certain extent. Someone says “Indian tonight?” and you start mentally rolladexing that menu, only to order the exact same thing you always do.

    But yeah, it’s a catch-all term for us.

  2. I was watching a BBC documentary about trains in India, from the 90’s. Speed sign at track crossing said “Hurry burry spoils the curry”

    It’s a great documentary if you can find it

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