TIL when the United States officially transitioned from analog to digital television on June 12, 2009, “1.75 million Americans were still not ready” resulting in 317,450 calls to the FCC on June 13. Coupons from the Dept. of Commerce were given out, to be exchanged for DTV Converter Boxes.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_television_transition_in_the_United_States#Initial_problems

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  1. I remember my grandma getting a coupon for one of those boxes. Imagine how hard it is to explain a smartphone to a senior. Now multiply that x100 with digital vs analog. It was not fun

  2. I was curious to see what was going to happen when the transition actually took place. I broke out an old analog television and watched it through a broadcast station until midnight.

    At exactly midnight on June 12th, the movie I was watching abruptly stopped and another program started. It was a host explaining digital television and describing how to convert. I watched long enough to see that it was a loop that repeated, but not long enough to see how many times.

  3. I participated in the great analog to digital migration. I played my part in NE Wisconsin putting in digital boxes, answering the occasional question about if these provided more channels like we had with our other cable boxes, and rescanning for channels. I also sold people out much cooler digital boxes that did actually have more channels.

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