TIL while the UK’s blockade of Africa was largely successful in stopping the Atlantic Slave Trade, the United States was a long-term hold-out and refused permission for the British to search their ships for slaves. Because of this, many slavers flew fake American flags to continue the trade.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockade_of_Africa

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  1. The UK did still ‘illegally’ board these ships, though:

    *However, some nations, such as the United States, resisted British coercion. The US believed strongly in freedom of the seas and, on several occasions, refused to allow the Royal Navy right of search. Knowing that many slavers would fly false US flags to avoid being boarded, some slavers were even registered in southern US states. This caused several diplomatic incidents as frustrated officers would often board ships with US flags, directly contravening their orders, to capture slavers.*

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