TIL William Herschel discovered the first planet since antiquity, Uranus in 1781 making him famous overnight; discovered infrared radiation; his telescope was at the time the largest scientific instrument ever built; he introduced the word asteroid meaning star-like; established coral wasn’t a plant

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Herschel?wprov=sfti1

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  1. He also discovered that the Mars poles were seasonal. But he also thought that the moon and Mars were populated worlds, comparing the moon to the English countryside. Even saying the interior of the sun was populated. His big telescope didn’t offer very clear pictures and he was disappointed in it. But it captured the public’s imagination and King George was pleased. The king made the telescope possible by giving 4,000 pounds.

    His sister was his assistant and discovered 8 comets. She was the first English woman honored with a government position and first salaried woman astronomer. His son Invented the blueprint.

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