TIL William Huntington Russell co-founder of the secretive Skull and Bones fatally ruptured a blood vessel protecting some birds from rocks thrown by some boys.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Huntington_Russell

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  1. > Russell was a cadet at the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy (later Norwich University) from 1826 until graduation in 1828, where he was taught under strict military discipline.

    > Russell had planned on entering the ministry, but his financial problems forced him to obtain an immediate income through teaching.

    > In September 1836, he opened a private prep school for boys in a small dwelling house. The school would become known as the New Haven Collegiate and Commercial Institute. To begin with, the school was only attended by a small number of boys, but by the time of Russell’s death the school had become well known and had graduated around 4,000 boys.

    > In about 1840, Russell introduced a very thorough military drill and discipline into his school. He foresaw a Civil War in the future, and wanted to make sure his boys were prepared to fight for the Union.

    > His students were so well schooled in military affairs that on the outbreak of Civil War some were enlisted as drill instructors. He also served on the Board of Visitors appointed by the Secretary of War in 1863 to inspect and produce a report on West Point. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Barnard also served on this committee.

    > He not only gave his students to the Union army, but also his own services. Governor William Alfred Buckingham realized that Russell was one of the most knowledgeable men in military affairs. For this reason, Russell was hired to organize the Connecticut militia. He was later made a major-general by act of the legislature in April 1862.

    > He was a strong abolitionist and a friend of John Brown.

    Very interesting life.

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