TIL Winston Churchill demanded his coffin to be transported through the London Waterloo Station after his death, as he wanted future invitee, French president de Gaulle walk bare-headed under the Waterloo’s archway that marked Britain’s victory over France in the Battle of Waterloo

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Hope_Not?hopenot

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  1. If anyone is wondering why Churchill didn’t like de Gaulle

    >Though on the same side during World War II, Churchill felt that de Gaulle had a perennial enmity towards England. To him de Gaulle had been “a man who looks like a female llama surprised in her bath, a bitter foe of Britain” who “hates England and has left a trail of Anglophobia behind him everywhere.” Supporting Churchill, Roosevelt had remarked de Gaulle as dictatorial and having a “Messianic complex.” Churchill and Roosevelt had even hatched a plot to overthrow de Gaulle from the French leadership.

  2. Yep fair play to Churchill, De Gaulle ran at the first sight of the Germans, and once Britain and America defeated them and kicked them out of France, returned as if he won the war singlehanded. A prize wanker and his same shitbag genes live on today.

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