TIL women with higher IQs are less likely to have kids. Increase in childhood general intelligence (15 IQ points) decreases women’s odds of parenthood by 21-25%.

Read more: https://www.kveller.com/are-smart-women-less-likely-to-have-babies/

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  1. The article offers no reason just correlation. Which makes it a click bait sort of post.

    The abstract of the article…


    Demographers debate why people have children in advanced industrial societies where children are net economic costs. From an evolutionary perspective, however, the important question is why some individuals choose not to have children. Recent theoretical developments in evolutionary psychology suggest that more intelligent individuals may be more likely to prefer to remain childless than less intelligent individuals. Analyses of the National Child Development Study show that more intelligent men and women express preference to remain childless early in their reproductive careers, but only more intelligent women (not more intelligent men) are more likely to remain childless by the end of their reproductive careers. Controlling for education and earnings does not at all attenuate the association between childhood general intelligence and lifetime childlessness among women. One-standard-deviation increase in childhood general intelligence (15 IQ points) decreases women’s odds of parenthood by 21–25%. Because women have a greater impact on the average intelligence of future generations, the dysgenic fertility among women is predicted to lead to a decline in the average intelligence of the population in advanced industrial nations.”


  2. I know this is a bit odd and out of the blue, but my wife can’t have children unfortunately for unknown reasons as of yet, I’m going to show her this when she gets home as she is rather depressed about the whole thing and it may give her a little pep in her step.

    I know you didn’t post this with the intention of helping someone, but you inadvertently have.

    I don’t usually share private stuff on the internet really in reguards to this but I felt the need to extent my gratitude.

    Thank you.

  3. Women who are smarter tend to think they are more intelligent than their nature allows them to be. These archetypes tend to reject social norms (i.e. becoming a wife and mother) and instead opt to focus on studies or whatever other random shit. I wonder if they ultimately die happy though, I always feel bad for older women with no family, just living alone every day pretty much waiting to die while people have families to come home to sounds terrible but if it doesn’t bother them then oh well.

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