Today I learned McDonald’s french fries supposedly tasted better prior to 1990. That is when McDonald’s stopped using beef fat and began using vegetable oil with beef seasoning(making the fried not vegan or vegetarian).

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  1. Their fries are still pretty good though.

    The apple pies? They will never be the same. Used to be fried, crispy goodness. Are now baked, flaccid and full of sorrow.

  2. Fact.

    The fries were fried in beef tallow.

    Bad science called “the lipid hypothesis” started the “fat is bad for you” craze and they replaced beef tallow with transfat bullshit.

    They later switched to transfat free bullshit but it’s still bad that fake science won and for years has been regurgitated.

  3. Bro not a single fast food restaurant chain in existence that wasn’t better prior to 1990.

    Or you know 2000,2010,etc. Literally every year fast food gets worse and worse plus more expensive.

  4. They covered the loss of flavor using something called “stealth batter”. The fries are now batter coated in a way that most people don’t notice, hence “stealth”.

    Via that batter they can add in salt and flavoring agents so that they don’t taste as bland due to the loss of the tallow blends previously used.

    They stopped using tallow because of the mad cow disease scare. There were millions of dollars of product on boats headed for Asian markets (before they built fry factories over there) and those boats had to return the product to the USA where it was destroyed due to lack of frozen storage space and a brief drop in demand due to that mad cow thing.

    FYI most of the nice consistent golden color on fast food fries is due to a sugar syrup dip after blanching the raw product. The sugar cooks to a nice even golden color in a fryer where an uncoated fry tends to be more brown when cooked.

  5.  the french fries in the USA now taste a little less like french fries than when they started using vegetable oil (though I do not recall that) but still taste a lot better.

  6. Ironically, a McDonald’s fry from 1989 would likely still be completely edible today due to the amount of dark magic used during the injection molding process.

  7. That’s why I like the UK ones, the ingredients are Oil, potato and salt and that’s it, none of the other bull and they’re completely vegan. No ingredients list a mile long.

  8. Today you learned this? Not all the times growing up when you got McDonalds and your parents would tell you how the fries used to be better because of the beef tallow?? I am skeptical to say the least.

  9. It’s true. When I was a kid their fries were really good. There were times when they were better than other times so the preparation wasn’t always uniform but they were always good. I think they changed more than the frying oil because cold fries taste like wax.

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