Today I learned that while many schools have been found out of compliance of title ix, federal funding has NEVER been pulled from violating institutions, effectively removing all the teeth from the law.

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  1. Far be it for me to question Random Podcast 355, I’m just a lowly Title IX Coordinator with nearly a decade of experience, but that’s just all sorts of misleading. Schools are financially penalized in the courts. OCR has never enforced regulations by administrative fines, but they do sue in federal court. Mostly, plaintiffs also sue and win for damages in federal court when their school fails to adhere to Title IX. Mostly though it’s the fear of Title IV funding being pulled that forces compliance.

    Put it another way, OCR makes you fix what was broken under the penalty of basically financial death. The courts make you pay for not doing it right the first time.

  2. facts drop around 13:13, there’s also a transcript
    “The only repercussion for failing to comply with Title IX is that the federal government can take away that funding that they give to the educational institution. This law is 50 years old, that has never happened. The federal government has yet to use the one way that they have to enforce this law. They have threatened to, but they have never actually done it.”

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