Whats a company secret you can share now that you dont work there?

Whats a company secret you can share now that you dont work there?

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  1. At a MAJOR insurance company I wrote software for was very big on security. If we needed to make an update, we weren’t allowed to remote into the server (even though you physically *could*, it was just against policy).

    To make an update, you had to put your changes onto portable storage, show your ID to the security guy, use your key to open the door, get escorted to the server, then they’d observe you via cameras.

    The login? “admin” The password? Blank. Literally no password.

  2. I worked at a hotel and if they are busy they will dry the pool towels without washing them. If a customer checks out and the sheets look clean they are reused. Blankets only get washed one a year unless they have something spilled on them

  3. School administrations in general don’t give a shit about the education or well being of the students. But they care very much about appearing as if they do.

    Source: taught in several different schools and districts.

  4. I worked in TV for years (local, national, cable), surprisingly there weren’t many secrets. Some I can think of:

    * In the 90’s, a majority of murders in big cities weren’t ever reported. This was when we’d have access to the Rueter’s feed before everyone else had high-speed internet access. These days, local news in certain cities like Chicago actually report a weekend tally of murders which is nuts.

    * When we knew a show was going to get low ratings (like during a holiday weekend), we’d sometimes re-name it in what we reported to Nielsen so it wouldn’t bring down the overall average rating of a particular show.
    * Likewise, if a low-rated show was going to be following what we knew would be a highly-rated show, we’d combine both shows in our listings into one long block of the higher-rated show. This was so if you DVR recorded one, you’d get both shows.
    * We often heard of celebrities going into hospice and/or dying from before the official word got out through leaks, but couldn’t report them until confirmed. This applies to all news outlets, really.
    * There really isn’t a vast-left wing media conspiracy to portray bias in news, but there definitely is bias. Most of this comes from the fact that news outlets are mainly in urban centers, where the people working there live.
    * Local stations and cable networks will often speed up their content to fit more commercials in. Some of this happens at the studio level before sending the materials out, sometimes it happens at the station level with the studio more or less saying “Just don’t tell us you’re doing it…”

  5. If you go to an Event that has “Event Security” ask them for better seats, or be really nice to them they might bring you something special. I work at a Hockey Rink we give nice people pucks, pins and let them go down to the front to see the players…..

  6. Worked at an isp,we lied to customers daily about speeds and delivery times,we sold internet in stations we knew where full,and dsl is just garbage dont had a single customer in 7 years who actually got the speed we promised.the burned out rates in support was 3 months before people quit.if you tried to actually help customers you got chewed out and was a problem.

  7. The “drawing” to win two free weeks of Sparkle diaper service is fixed.

    If the name on the entry is eligible (isn’t currently a customer, and hasn’t been a customer in the last year) it wins.

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