What’s one thing you learned from the Covid pandemic?

What’s one thing you learned from the Covid pandemic?

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  1. That the lives of disabled people, the elderly, and the immune compromised don’t mean very much to the public, including all my “progressive” friends. The first time I heard someone say “I don’t want to wear a mask, why don’t they just stay home” I was shocked. Here was a person who loudly proclaimed how much other peoples lives mattered, but now that they were being asked to wear a mask while shopping, all of a sudden millions of people should just fuck off or die.

    Now I just know that I am right to hate most people, as they are selfish, lazy and weak.

  2. That in a long term emergency situation, the first thing people will think about is…toilet paper.

    Edit: oh, and there are people with nursing degrees who are dumb enough to think that the government created the virus to control people.

  3. That people value their pesonal preferences, down to the most trivial bullshit, more than the negative impact they have on not just them but on everybody else. And not only that, they’ll try to make their selfishness seem like the heoric and smart course of action.

  4. That one single presidency with such idolization has taken us back several decades worth of science and health outcomes. I work in healthcare and I believe it is your choice to be vaccinated. *However*, it doesn’t mean that I don’t find your choice disrespectful of others.

  5. Preppers ruined prepping.

    I think the concept of “prepping” seems like a fun self-sufficiency hobby but the ENITRE culture is full of crazy weirdos.

    I want some sort of casual. goofy-but-practical community that talks about shit like how long I can store 15lbs of macaroni, not someone telling me Egypt has a pyramid in orbit getting ready to atomize all the Buddhists or whatever.

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