What’s the best example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

What’s the best example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

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  1. First date doesn’t determine the whole relationship perspective. People are usually quite nervous, they often play a role to get “more points”. It’s really rare when a person is being itself. You should give each other more time and space so you could get their inner things

  2. Android Smartphones. Bought the newest iPhone and absolutely regret how it can’t multitask or adjust volumes separately. FaceTime doesn’t always connect. Front facing camera socks at collecting light. It’s a tragedy that looks good and that’s it. My 2018 Samsung Note is still better in so many ways. Thats 4 years of technology man.

  3. Me.

    People have been looking at me skeptical since birth.

    I mean family, family friends, immediate family friends, etc…

    This is because murderous violence occurred around my birth; involving me and revolving around me.

    They still give me the same looks. Lol.

    Too bad for them.

  4. I have a story to tell, which reflects the saying very well.

    When I was in 7th grade, we had a girl in the class, lets call her Hannah, who was there very rarely. At most once or twice a month. My classmates were annoyed because we always had to wait so long for our tests and Hannah wasn’t there for the follow-up appointments either. I never talked shit about her, because even then I thought there was a good reason why she was missing so often. And I was right. Once when she was at school (that was in a sports class) I went up to her and asked her why she wasn’t there so often. Hannah told me that she has mental health problems because she has been bullied since grades 1-4. She also told me that she is with 2 different psychologists, and that her mental health is slowly improving. I’ve said I’m proud of her and really appreciate that she confided in me. I talked to her for 15 minutes, gave her tips, built her up and motivated her. After that, she was almost always there, and when her psyche gave her problems, I was there for her. I haven’t told anyone her secret because, firstly, she asked me to, and secondly, I wouldn’t have told anyone anyway because I have absolutely no right to. If my classmates had turned their heads on and thought a bit, they would have figured out something was wrong. But for them, talking shit about Hannah was an easier solution. It’s always easier when you can point fingers at others.. All that mattered to my classmates was that they had to wait for Hannah. No one else was interested in Hannah, or wondered what was going on. Nobody approached her. And that’s just incredibly sad.

    The only tip I can give you is: pay attention to your fellow human beings and never judge a book by its cover.

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