What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever pulled off?

What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever pulled off?

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  1. I was a student in a class that had a really obnoxious kid who would just be mean to the other kids all the time. One day he started teasing this girl in the class and she got really upset and started crying. I came up behind him and put my hand over his mouth, then I turned to her and said “sorry, but we can’t have you making too much noise.” She laughed so hard she started crying, then we all did. I still have the best laugh from that day.

  2. Did this in World of Warcraft.

    Me and some friends would have each others account details should we need to log on to each others characters for whatever reason.

    On a friends account, I replaced his mount button(get on a horse) with a macro with the exact same icon of the mount but made it do /mount and /quit.

    Basically what this did was, any time he wanted to mount up, if he was in a city which is a safe place, his game would instantly quit. He thought his game was broken for about a week with constant “crashes” until he figured it out. I had to mute myself every time he accidentally quit in the city.

  3. I mean, it was meant as a joke, but I never actually expected it to work.

    There was a fly in our room and my sister had tried to catch it for a few minutes already when I said.
    “Just do this”, and did the 👌 thingy with my hand and sure enough, I caught the fly just like that.

    She was really impressed with me and still sometimes when there’s a fly she’ll 👌 just to try

  4. I once conceived my friend in college that she was going to not graduate.

    Set up. We were seniors. It was April 1st (a Saturday) and we were in band together and the Band Hall phone number ended in 2263 (BAND on a keypad). It was also the 1990s so we had answering machines and landlines

    She had just dropped an extra class that she didn’t think she would need to get her degree and kept a class that was harder (we were both in class)

    We had a really hard test that week but she thought she did alright. No grades had been posted yet

    She was out with her roommate that day so I had a girl I was seeing (someone she didn’t know) call her up and pretend to be the TA calling to discuss “add/drop options because of [her] recent test scores”

    She left the number for the band hall. My friend didn’t recognize the number and instead of calling it (and finding out the joke) she spent about three hours FREAKED OUT before telling me that she thinks she fucked up and isn’t gonna graduate”

    I had to tell her because she was having a panic attack by the time a met up with her that night

    Funny part was. Her rommmate heard the message and recognized the number and reposted the massage for her to hear

    No one thought she would stew on it for three hours.

  5. Out in the middle of nowheresville USA, we led some cows from the pasture across the street into school for the weekend. We left some troughs of food and water in there. It was an excellent prank in our collective minds.

  6. In college, my friend brought her whole family for parents day. Her family was the type that looks like someone combined the physical attributes of both parents then xeroxed the kids. They were all almost identical. She began to introduce me to her parents and her brothers and sister. When she got to her youngest brother she introduced him as kyle, (not his real name). I recognized him from her previous description of him. she had told stories of how he was a standard bratty 12 year old. I shook his hand and was cordial. He didn’t even look up from his phone. Then I leaned to my friend and whispered just loud enough for the family to hear. “ is he the one that’s adopted? “

    Little Kyle dropped his phone and widened his eyes to unnatural levels. His whole world was torn apart like a cheap umbrella in a hurricane. He panicked and turned to his parents, but was too shocked to say anything. They turned to my friend and my friend turned to me. Everyone was speechless. I grinned and before I started laughing, the parents and my friend caught on.

    The father couldn’t keep a straight face when he said ”We’ve been meaning to tell him, but just haven’t gotten around to it.” After being reassured 2-3 times, we all had a good laugh, including kyle.

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