What’s the most unfair punishment you’ve gotten in school?

What’s the most unfair punishment you’ve gotten in school?

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  1. I went on a school trip and made a friend, we stuck together for the entire trip. However, we apparently were “causing trouble” I don’t remember why. I was yelled at and made to stay back from a lot of the things we’re doing and my friend wasn’t solely because “she isn’t going to listen if she got in trouble” so apparently I was punished solely because they thought she was “trouble”. I don’t remember what we did but I seriously don’t think we did anything wrong besides take a little long at some stops.

  2. I corrected a guest preacher in Christian school. I was condemned to hell by his church/cult. and the school wouldn’t let me walk at graduation because of it.

    All because he said marriage was wrong….

    It’s all OK, though. He hung himself a few weeks ago.

  3. I got detention for not wearing a belt. School uniform tyrants are the worst. I legitimately couldn’t find it that morning and why was she looking at my lower half in the first place?

  4. This happened in grade 6.
    A friend and me thought it would be funny to see if I could fit in a locker, he wouldn’t let me out and the principal saw it. Ended up suspending both of us.

    I was a grade A student up until this point and had never got in any sort of trouble, I was devastated.

  5. In university I worked at night to pay for my education. One professor tried to fail me just because I skipped the lectures alot (this was a 4th year class so only about 20 students in total). I had to go to the dean to force the professor to give me my actual grade, which was far from a failing mark. Still makes me roll my eyes

  6. 1985, kindergarten in a private school: my desk was put in the cloak room with the door shut for two days because I was acting line a 5 year old. I told my parents two decades later and they were actually heartbroken that they didn’t know that happened.

  7. From « maternelle » (France) so, age 3-4. You basically spend your day coloring.

    In my school, if you did coloring bad on purpose, like ignore instruction or be an ass about it: you had to do a walk of shame outside alone. With you bad colouring pinned to your shirt. For the world to see.

    This is so fucked up I still remember it to this day (I’m 35). Early 90’s were something.

  8. I was super fat growing up and got detention for beating up the playground supervisor’s son at recess

    10 year-old witnesses apparently said something along the lines of ‘The fat kid beat him up’

    I was honestly not the type at all and mostly kept to myself l

    The playground supervisor later made it a point a few days later that there was a mistake and ripped-up my detention slip in front of probably about 500 kids lined-up to go inside from recess

    This was also massively embarrassing

  9. Just up not being told what you’re in trouble for. Happened to me a couple of times.

    Once, I got in trouble for not showing up to detention for an unrelated bullshit reason. This was in 5th grade in the late 1990s, BTW. Had a bus drill that day. Afterward, the dickhead assistant principal just told us, kids, to go to recess after it. So, I did. It was something I used against the bitch teacher and dickhead AP if they got something to say. They did after I was done with lunch.

    I told the assholes that they had to inform me why the law. It was a fellow student who told me about it. Yes, parents were called by the AP dickhead. My parents told him that he told me to go to recess as he ‘overrules’ the bitch teacher.

    You think after when I arrived, he would know where I learned who to backtalk when in the right. The principal just overruled the AP dickhead, as she felt the punishment was just uncalled for.

  10. In 2nd grade, we had ‘peer court’ where basically everyone in our small class would single someone out who had done wrong, and dole out a punishment. I didn’t get along with pretty much anyone, so I was sentenced to a week of isolation.

    At the time, I was mortified. I thought it was completely unfair to be punished just because I wasn’t liked enough. Anyway, I moved my desk into the isolation room, and by the end of the week, didn’t want to come out.

    Later in the year one of our classmates was really stirring shit up and pissing everyone off on purpose. It was suggested that they get a *day* of isolation, but the teacher vetoed it on the grounds that it was ‘too harsh’.

    It was a good lesson: Don’t expect fairness out of life.

  11. Once in kindergarten I got a small cut/rip in my crafts project. Ever the perfectionist I started crying and took my project to the teacher, who kindly proceeded to slap me across the face.

    If anyone wonders, yes I still hold a grudge.

  12. I got detention for being late 6 times in a semester. I wasn’t late, my mother was. My ass was already in the car, eating my peanut butter toast and listening to the radio. She was still inside doing her hair & makeup. Why was I the one in trouble?

  13. A lot of kids were vaping in the bathroom so they took off the doors to the bathroom. There were urinals within sight of the entrance. The cops got called to report if it was legal and I guess it was because they never replaced them until I graduated a year and a half later.

  14. I got a detention for helping someone else read notes in class. My teacher hated me and though I was just talking to him. Helped him read the notes and then I got that dentation. The funny thing was that I was in the back of the class while other people in the front of the class were screaming at each other. Of everyone, I was the one getting in trouble.

  15. This was Elementary after school care – but our teacher got fed up with the whole class (for talking?) and forced us to go outside to hold hands and walk around the field in a circle for 10-15 minutes.
    As a kid it felt humiliating. Especially not understanding why this was a punishment. I still don’t understand looking back as an adult.


    And in HS, if i arrived at the classroom door right when the bell rang, it meant I was tardy. Very stupid. My HS was ginormous. It took going through war to get to the other side. Id be out of breath once I reached English class. But nope. Rule was you had to be in your seat before the bell. So i got detention several times.

  16. I once got punished for hitting a kid that hit me first. I made sure to teach him a lesson. At least the punk never messed with me again. I think the kid was just jealous of my upbringing compared to his. I was also bigger than him. Jealously is rampant at all stages of life, especially in grade school when maturity is low.

  17. I told a boob joke about this chick at lunch in middle school. Shortly after a was handcuffed, pulled out of class, detained, yelled at and threatened for hours. My maw came and got me and they gave me two weeks of in school suspension. For a boob joke

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